100 Miles walk of fame

100 Miles Around the isle of Mors will now have its own walk of fame in the pedestrian zone in Nykøbing Mors. The race has existed since 2007 and each year we make a tile with the winner's name and time, the tile will be put into the pedestrian zone, the exact shape of the tile is not finally decided.

First time we lay down 7 tiles 2007 Jesper Kenn Olsen 15:26:09 2008 Poul Christensen 21:49:17 2009 Attila Vozar 13:28:16 2010 Attila Vozar 16:06:20 2011 Carsten Eriksen 14:54:51 2012 Lars Skytte Christoffersen 15:07:35 2013 Frederik Lassen 14:49:45